Our residential programmes enrich the curriculum by bringing the outdoors to life and help young people to achieve their potential by increasing confidence, developing character, and building resilience whilst promoting both physical and mental wellbeing. 

​Our main focus is to deliver the following outcomes to all children and young people who stay with us:

  • Increased awareness of ones own skills and abilities
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved ability to listen and communicate effectively with others
  • Increased awareness and concern for the natural environment
  • Increased resilience and determination
  • Increase independence, responsibility, accountability and time management

Our character and resilience map describes how we develop these two attributes in children at Longtown:

Developing character and building resilience at Longtown

Health and wellbeing

We develop children and young people's emotional resilience, confidence and independence through engagement in adventurous activities.

We design outdoor activity programmes that focus on empowering children and young people and promote the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle.

We provide a welcoming and safe environment with clear routines that give children and young people a sense of security.

Activity as therapy

We support children and young people to establish and develop self-efficacy, improve skill acquisition and performance in a wide range of activities.

We provide challenge with an element of perceived risk, that will develop children and young people's insight into their abilities and potential.

Social interactions

We support children and young people to create positive relationships and promote positive behaviour.

We highlight and celebrate achievements together.

We believe that shared experiences, which allow for group reflection, support the feeling of belonging and being valued.


We encourage autonomy and choice that give children and young people a sense of self-worth and encourages self-directed learning.

We develop children and young people's ability to overcome challenges, which builds motivation, perseverance and commitment.

We enable children and young people to experience awe and wonder in the natural world, increasing cultural capital.

​Physical activity

We are committed to promoting the link between physical exercise and improved mental health and wellbeing.

We do this by exploring children and young people’s physical capabilities, interests and talents and providing a progressive challenge for all.


We believe that connecting with nature supports children and young people to establish strong and supportive relationships and nurtures creative play.

We also support children and young people to develop confidence in unfamiliar environments and build their resilience to challenging situations, which supports them to manage their own risks in the outdoor environment.