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Developing character and building resilience​​​

We are passionate about bringing the outdoors to life and helping young people to achieve their potential.

Find out how we work with groups to build physical and mental wellbeing:


Our core activities are suitable for key stage 2 to post 16 pupils and adults. The level of difficulty and challenges will vary depending on the age, expectations and ability of the group.

  • Canoeing

    Canoeing can vary from a tranquil paddle along the beautiful Monmouth and Brecon Canal to a more committing and exciting journey on the sections of swift water on the River Wye. It is a fantastic team activity with teams of up to 3 to a boat. The day can be adapted to suit the group; sometimes canoes are rafted together to provide greater stability and increase the team work required for success, whilst individuals can also try to master solo paddling which is a true independent challenge.

    What does a typical open canoe journey involve?

    • You will start with a brief session on land to acquire the skills needed to take control of the canoe within your team. You will then go onto the water where your crew will have to learn to work together in order to complete your journey.
    • Observation and planning – look out for changes in the water and evidence of our industrial past, enjoy the beautiful scenery, watch out for kingfishers and damselflies
  • Caving

    ​Walk and crawl through large caverns and small tunnels to explore one of the local limestone cave systems.

    Caving offers the potential to raise confidence and self esteem.

    Benefits of caving

    • An excellent way for individuals to face and overcome their own personal challenges
    • An opportunity to encourage empathy and supporting others
    • Taking responsibility for self and others
    • Explore the value of listening and communication skills
  • On-site activities

    ​We have a number of on-site activities which can be tailored to suit the age and ability of your group. These include high and low ropes courses, an abseil tower, a kayak pool, a challenge wall and balance beam, as well as other problem solving group activities.

    Skills developed

    • Problem solving
    • Strategy
    • Planning
    • Listening to others
    • Leadership
    • Team building
  • Gorge walking

    ​A wet and wild day of river-rock hopping, sliding down rapids, scrambling, climbing and crawling up and down waterfalls and jumping into plunge pools.

    Benefits of gorge walking

    • An excellent way for individuals to face and overcome their own personal challenges
    • An opportunity to encourage empathy and supporting others
    • Taking responsibility for self and others
    • Explore the value of listening and communication skills
  • Mountain walking

    Often the first thing our groups do after their journey to the centre is walk up to the top of their first mountain, only 15 minutes away.

    Enjoy a picnic lunch at the top of the mountain, by a stream or a sheltered cairn. A mountain day offers a fabulous educational and memorable experience.

    Skills developed

    • Perseverance and resilience
    • Personal and group responsibility
    • Planning and strategy
    • Communication and teamwork
  • Orienteering

    ​Orienteering is a great opportunity to work independently or collaboratively. This activity takes place on our centre grounds or in the forest and demonstrates how quickly you can learn new skills.

    By starting with considerable support and feedback, groups quickly progress to working on their own and experience the challenge and satisfaction of reading a map. This may be by looking for markers, or by recreating "search and rescue" scenarios.

    Skills developed

    • Benefits of immediate feedback
    • Planning
    • Strategy
    • Negotiation
    • Collaboration
  • Rock climbing

    ​On our on-site dedicated facilities or the local limestone crags, rock climbing engages the body and the brain in an exhilarating blend of natural movement and overcoming fears.

    Skills developed

    • Tremendous sense of achievement
    • Completing something that seemed impossible
    • Trust and reliance on others
    • Empathy and supporting others
  • Stand up paddle boarding

    ​Try and meet the challenge of standing on your board and propelling yourself across the water of the centre's training pool, the River Wye or even the sea using the long paddle supplied. This is a fantastic fitness activity and although there is no surf in the training pool, a session here can teach you all the basic skills as you build your confidence and have lots of fun. 

    What does a typical open canoe journey involve?


    • After a short briefing you'll be on the water learning how to manoeuvre your board first with your hands like a surf board and then progressing to kneeling with a paddle and finally to the standing position. Expect to get wet and have lots of fun.
    • Observation and planning – You'll be amazed what you see as you look down at the clear waters of the River Wye beside your feet. 
    • Great core training as you discover the balance point on your board and progress to tighter turns and greater speed. 

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Longtown is all about challenging outdoor adventure activities in and around the Brecon Beacons National Park, with a warm and comfortable base in ​an old coaching​ inn.​
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Residential accommodation

We pride ourselves on providing a good residential experience. Sharing a room and considering others, living and working as part of a community, and looking after your own personal space are all essential and transferable skills.

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Our two-floor self-catering accommodation can sleep up to 35 people in shared bedrooms. The rooms typically have bunk beds and single beds, sleeping groups of 2's, 3's and 4's.

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